2014 Holiday Hours at Mister

Hi Kids!

It’s time for the holidays, once again! It’s time for spreading yuletide cheer, placing neatly wrapped packages under the tree, and nervous drinking our way through awkward family moments.

There’s no better way to prepare for time with family and friends than with a fresh cut or a straight razor shave. We’re extending and changing our hours to make sure to accommodate all of you good boys and girls. Then, once we’ve made sure all of you sexy people are taken care of, we’re going to close shop for a week to recover! The adjusted hours are listed below. Happy Holidays yinz!

Holiday Hours:

Monday, 12/22 11am – 8pm

Tuesday, 12/23 10am-8pm

Wednesday, 12/24 8am-12pm

Thursday, 12/25 Closed

Friday, 12/26 11am-5pm

Saturday, 12/27 9am-4pm

Sunday, 12/28 11 am-3pm

Monday, 12/29 10am-8pm

Tuesday, 12/30 10am-8pm

Wednesday, 12/32 10am-4pm

Thursday, 1/1 Closed

Friday, 1/2 9am-5pm

Saturday, 1/3 9am-4pm

Sunday, 1/4 11am-3pm

Monday, 1/5 – Monday, 1/12 Closed