The Classic Cut $24 
*Old school, but never old fashioned

Uncle Jesse $28 and Up
*Medium to long scissor cut

Kid’s Cut $20
*Kids don’t eat free here

Clean Up $12
*Back of the neck and around the ears only – keep her clean in between

Sweeney Todd $30
*Hot towel, straight razor face shave – minus the murder

Mr. Clean $25
*Hot towel, straight razor head shave – some seriously smooth head

 Beard Line Up $25
*Hot towel, Straight razor beard trim – for beards of all lengths and sizes

Quickie Beard Trim $14
*Beard trim without the foreplay – get in, get out

Gray Camouflage $30
*Semi permanent color – ‘cuz you look distinguished with that salt and pepper

Dye Hard $40
*Men’s permanent color – yippee-ki-yay

Pixie $35 and up
*Mister has love for the ladies

Man Hands $25
*Putting the man back in manicure, one cuticle at a time

Fundamental Facial $35
*Nothing basic about our basic facial

Beard Color $25
*Gray Camo for yo face

Hangover Cure $25
*Rough night? We’ll fix you right up with mint hot towels and a head/neck and hand massage to bring you back to life

 Wax on, Wax off 
*Brows $15