Big things in the works at Mister

Hey guys! Guess what? Big things are in the works at Mister G&G.

As of March 1, 2016, Mister Grooming & Goods will be open SEVEN days a week. Yep, that’s right. And on the seventh day…we didn’t rest. We made you sexy creatures even sexier.

Along with expanding our hours, we’re expanding our team. We have a super talented barber joining our team and yinz are gonna love him.

Also as of March 1, The Classic cut will be $24 and The Quicky Beard Trim will be $14. Kid’s cuts will stay at the original price of $20.

Did we mention we’re adding bourbon to the list of beverages we offer? Along with your Iron City, PBR, espresso, coffee or water – you now can enjoy a delicious glass of Bulleit Bourbon. Mmmm…

To top it all off we’re switching over to a computer system. So we’ll be able to award you fantastic kids who send clients our way.

Thanks for all your support. Yinz rule.