Boyd & Blair at Mister G&G, 4/25 6pm-9pm

Hey there misters & misses.

It’s time for another event at the shop. We’re teaming up with local distillery, Boyd & Blair, for a vodka and rum tasting.

High and tight meets stiff and smooth on Saturday, April 25 from 6pm-9pm at Mister Grooming & Goods.

Tickets are $30 and get you two tastings, a signature drink, food, and a raffle ticket to win a Parker shave set and two bottles of Boyd & Blair.

What is Boyd & Blair, you ask? It’s this awesome distillery that makes their vodka, by hand and taste, out of locally grown potatoes. Unlike other distilleries who recycle low grade “tails” of runs, Boyd & Blair only bottles the “heart” of the run. That’s why their booze is super freaking yummy.

The Joy of Catering is serving up a delicious menu of bacon and blue cheese stuffed potatoes, bourbon marinated chicken skewers, beef and caramelized onion burgers on brioche sliders, and hummus and muhamara dips with chips and vegetables.

Tickets are limited, so call 412.326.5964 to lock in your spot to get a little tipsy.

You don’t want to miss this one. It’s gonna be good.