Mister is hibernating Jan. 1-8

Welp, the holidays are winding down, so it’s just about time for us to hibernate for a week. Mister G&G will be closed Sunday, Jan. 1 through Sunday Jan. 8.

Why do we close the first week of January every year? Through the holiday season, we want to do everything in our power to make sure we accommodate as many of you freaking amazing clients as possible. So we all work long hours, coming in early and staying late, and add extra days onto our schedules.

We work off adrenaline and caffeine from Thanksgiving through New Years, and then…we crash. We think it’s only fair to our hard working staff (and to our clients) that we take a week to recoup.

Some of our barbers and staff go on vacation. Some stay home and binge watch Netflix. However they choose to pass the time, they simply relax, rest and get ready for the new year.

We appreciate your understanding of this much needed break. We’ll be back Monday, Jan. 9, well rested and ready to make you sexy creatures even sexier for the next 365.

Happy New Year, you sexy creatures.